Victoria's Closet and Vics for Men    29 Marmalade Lane
PO Box 155
Cashiers, NC 28717
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"Vics" for Men.

A must see
This is probably one of the higher in consignment shops I have ever
 been in other than Beverly Hills California
Very upscale brands in excellent condition I promise you if you go there 
you will absolutely buy something and be very very very happy
They have an entire building set up for women and entire building set 
up for purses and shoes and entire building set up for men's clothes
You have to put this on your list of things to do in Cashiers, North Carolina 
 A cut above consignment store!
Victoria's Closet is picky about what they accept for consignment. Be prepared to see lots of name brand and designer clothes at waaay below retail prices. You may even find never-before-worn clothes with their original price tags still attached. The store is on three levels, so you'll spend a lot of time working your way through the racks. Look for the marked down clothes - lots of deal to be had!

Great shop for the eclectic!
Search a wonderful selection quality apparel. Beautifully designed for the shopper........eclectic clothing for all tastes!
Super cute consignment shop
My daughter and I love to visit this store anytime we are in Cashiers. They have a wide selection of clothes and miscellaneous items. Staff is super helpful! My husband walks a short distance to the men's store which shares the same general parking area, and always finds a good deal there also.

 Consignment Shopping
I really enjoy GOOD consignment shopping. Victoria’s Closet is, by far, the best one I have found!!! The choices are divided into three buildings - three floors housing an incredible collection of women’s clothing; another building for shoes and purses; another for a unusually large collection of men’s apparel.

A Tip of the Hat to our Friends and Customers.
 Love love love
This place is amazing. She's been in business for a long time. 
She knows what she's doing. Super glad to have stopped in and 
got to find shoes for an amazing price!! Can't wait to go back, 
totally would recommend stopping by to check it out.
 From dresses, blazers, shirts, pants, shoes, purses, to the men! 
This place is amazing.

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(828) 743-1030 Mens Shop and Fax
Vics For Men