Victoria's Closet and VC for Men    29 Marmalade Lane
PO Box 155
Cashiers, NC 28717
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" Great Resale Shop "My sister and I drove up to Waynesville, NC to visit our​ cousin and one of our road trips was to
Victoria's Closet in Cashiers, NC. WOW!!!I couldn't believe the Bargains and they also havea Mens Department. 
I found a gorgeous dressy Italian Wool topand pants For $12, 
a two-piece City Girl outfit.
I will go back again when I'm in Waynesville.
"I Travel New York, Dallas and Charleston"
for business and I have not been treated nicer
nor have I found a better Consignment Shop
than Victoria's Closet.
"This is a Fabulous Consignment Store".We travel from Columbia, SC just to shop and visit.
The ladies are Fabulous as well.

"Terrific Place"I try to always get by  Victoria's Closet when I'm in the area.
The Store gets better every time. Roselyn

"I just wanted you to know how delighted" 
I was to find your shop last week during my stay in Cashiers!! I loved it so much I went back a second time before I left. I came home with three wonderful designer pieces and with excitement to return and shop again in October. The selections, the quality and pricing are unmatched. I also took notice how friendly and with a first name basis the staff was with many of the customers.   Kathryn
A Tip of the Hat to our Friends and Customers.
Superior consignment shop!
Whenever I visit NC I am sure to stop in at Victoria's Closet! 
Unbelievable bargains on designer clothing and accessories. 
Always a treasure hunt!! Such fun! ...
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